Friday, October 20, 2023

Jamie Salloum Discography


Finally, we have a nice new wave production that welcomes you to the wonderful realm of video game sounds. Jamie Stars Storyland is tight and the melodies move perfectly, while it has pleasantly surprising twists which make the songs very listenable. I'm telling you, aliens have landed and they're doing strange things to what were once harmless musical instruments. If we ever come back out from behind our sofa and listen, we may learn how music can be fascinating and innovative even with our primitive technology.


The Casanova Playboys don't need to rely on high-fashion duds to seduce new listeners. Low Noise is an ample aphrodisiac -- high-energy dance-rock bursting with jaunty guitars, infectious synth/piano melodies, echoes of the '80s and Jamie Star's sassy lyrics. A slick affair of radio-friendly pop-rock on a funk foundation that- like the group- isn't afraid to show a little gloss.


Witness The Casanova Playboys debut album, Ladies and Gentlemen. Despite the fact that these guys are self-proclaimed Casanovas, much of the album’s lyrics deal with the many frustrations and heartbreak women bring to their lives. So the big question is, are they as big with the ladies as their name would suggest? Defining their sound is a nearly impossible task, as the album is all over the place, going from ska to punk to metal to emo and others.


Experience Chick Maggot with Jamie on drums. The band was known for its refined pop punk sound and hilarious lyrics. The Worst 20 Minutes of Your Life was a favorite oddity among the awkward weirdos and outcasts of the Edmonton punk music scene.


The Opposed hailed in the dawn of the millenium during an important period of the Edmonton punk music scene that allowed them to play many shows and record studio albums. With Jamie Salloum on drums, along side singer Aaron Clark, The Opposed was known for wild stage antics and the energy created made the circle pits crazy when The Opposed played. If you like hardcore punk, you will love The Opposed.


Jamie's high school band AWOL formed in 1999 and is pre Casanova Playboys brothers Jamie Salloum and Nathan Salloum along with Zack Yerxa who spent their youth playing all ages shows, winning numerous competitions and recording music in world class studios. Working with a producer from Vancouver, the band spent considerable time writing songs for a future record that was ultimately The Casanova Playboys debut "Ladies and Gentlemen" released in 2004. AWOL was known for possessing raw powerful energy that set them apart from others and generated quite a buzz in the Edmonton music scene. And of course in the same year, Free Beer was Jamie's side project with singer Aaron Clark to mark the beginning evolution of The Opposed.